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Our aim is to cushion the acute shortage of specialists in your facilities by providing you with highly qualified medical specialists from Germany and abroad. As an experienced service provider, we take care of the entire placement process - from the search to recruitment - and support you with our expertise and commitment.

You can rely on our extensive network to find qualified nursing staff who are ideally suited to your requirements.
Together we will help to ensure that your godparents receive the care they deserve!


Our advantages:

Access to international talent pools

PersonalGold gives you access to highly qualified medical professionals from different countries. This expands your field of applicants and increases the chance of finding the perfect nurse for your facility.

Time savings and efficiency

Our experts will take care of the entire placement process for you, so that you can concentrate on your core activities. We relieve you of the tedious and time-consuming task of applicant search, selection and administration.

Qualified and experienced specialists

We attach great importance to the careful selection of our candidates. All applicants we place go through a strict selection process. We review their education, work experience, language skills and qualifications to ensure they meet the high standards required in German institutions.

Cultural diversity and intercultural competence

In addition to specialist staff of German origin, the placement of foreign nursing staff not only brings specialist expertise but also cultural diversity into your facility. This can lead to an enriching exchange and promote intercultural dialogue. Our specialists have intercultural competence and are prepared to integrate into the German work culture to ensure smooth collaboration.

Flexibility and adaptability

The nursing shortage requires flexible solutions. PersonalGold offers you the opportunity to place skilled workers for different periods and deployment models, be it for temporary bottlenecks, short-term projects or long-term positions. You benefit from tailor-made personnel planning that meets your individual needs.

Support and care

Our service does not end with the placement. We will support you and the skilled workers you place throughout your entire assignment. If you have any questions, concerns or possible challenges, we are there for you and offer you ongoing support to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Take advantage of our placement of medical professionals and nursing staff and let PersonalGold be your reliable partner! Together we will find the right specialists to overcome the shortage of skilled workers in your facility and to ensure high-quality care.

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We are at your side as a reliable partner throughout the entire placement process!

1.Needs analysis

We start by exploring your specific requirements and wishes. Together we define the required specialist staff, the required qualifications and the duration of the assignment.

2. Search and selection

Based on your requirements, we start a targeted search in our international networks. We carefully check the references and qualifications of our candidates to ensure that your requirements are met.

3. Mediation

After the pre-selection, we present you with a selection of suitable candidates. You have the opportunity to get to know the applicants through personal or virtual interviews and make an informed decision.

4. Hiring and support

Once you have decided on one or more candidates, we will take care of all the necessary administrative steps and support you in integrating your new specialist staff.


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