Do you dream of a career in the medical field and would like to use your specialist knowledge and skills in Germany?
PersonalGold welcomes you!

As a recruitment agency for medical professionals and nurses in the healthcare sector, we offer you a wide range of benefits and support you at every step of your professional development.

Skills shortage is a foreign word for us!

What we offer applicants:

Attractive career opportunities

Germany offers a wealth of exciting career opportunities in the healthcare sector. As a PersonalGold applicant, you have access to a wide range of vacancies in renowned hospitals, clinics and care facilities. We will help you find the right position that matches your skills and interests.

Support with the recognition of your

We support you with the recognition of your medical training and qualifications in Germany. Our team will help you compile and review all the necessary documents to make the recognition process smooth and efficient.

Attractive remuneration and fair working conditions

As a nursing or medical specialist in our company, you will benefit from attractive remuneration and working conditions. You will receive a competitive salary, social benefits and good career opportunities. Germany attaches great importance to qualified medical personnel and offers you a stable and future-oriented working environment.

Cultural integration

Germany offers a rich culture and warm hospitality. We support you in integrating into German society and the working environment. From language support to cultural sensitization, we are at your side to make your start and integration in Germany as pleasant as possible.

The placement process with Personalgold

We are at your side as a reliable partner throughout the entire placement process!

1. registration and application

Start your journey with PersonalGold by registering online and submitting your application. Please provide relevant information about your education, experience and qualifications.

2. review and preselection

Our experienced team will carefully review your application and carry out an initial pre-selection. We check your qualifications and look for suitable vacancies that match your skills and interests.

3. job offers and job interviews

After the personal interview, we will present you with suitable vacancies that match your qualifications and preferences. We support you in preparing for job interviews and accompany you throughout the entire selection process.

4. support in preparing for Germany

As soon as you accept a job, we will support you with all the necessary steps for your start in Germany. This includes visa matters, administrative procedures, accommodation and other important information to help you make a smooth transition.

5. continuous support

At PersonalGold, our support does not end with your placement. We offer you continuous support and are at your side during your assignment in Germany. If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties, we are always available for you and will support you so that you can successfully establish yourself in your new working environment.


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